What We Do

Food For All Africa

Food for All Africa Program is a food recovery organization that creates sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in Africa through food banking, farming and an efficient forum for stakeholders within the food supply chain.

Our quest of building West Africa’s first food bank in Ghana begun when in the year 2012, our founder, Chef Elijah Amoo Addo came into contact with a mentally challenged man who recovers leftover food from street vendors to feed his colleagues on the streets of Accra.

Food for All Africa is registered as Food for All Africa Programme, a non-profit organization at the Registrar-Generals Department, Ministry of Justice Ghana and the Department of Social Welfare.

Our founder  runs the SDG 2 Farms, a livestock and crop farm dedicated to achieving the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goal 2,” End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”.

Food  waste  occurs  throughout  the  supply  chain,  at  all  phases  between  agricultural  production and household consumption.

" You Cannot Tell A Hungry Child That You Gave Him Food Yesterday " Zimbabwean Proverb


Shared responsibility,Integrity, Sustainability, Efficiency and passion for humanity form the core of this social enterprise. Beneficiary and stakeholders satisfaction is paramount.


To build food banks and create efficiency within Africa’s food supply chain


To create sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in society


  • To become a global emergency food recovery organization that will become a leader in Africa’s food supply efforts to the poor and hungry
  • To work with stakeholders in creating an efficient food supply chain across the continent
  • Contribute in achieving the 2030 UN sustainable Development Goal 2 and 12” Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.”

Mr. Elijah Amoo Addo is one of the exceptional African’s making it possible for low income and vulnerable communities in Africa to have access to efficient and sustainable means of nutrition. A trained chef by profession, Elijah is the inspiring founder ,Executive Director ,Group CEO of Food for All Africa and Food for All Mobile technologies Ltd.

Chef Elijah was in June,2017 awarded by Queen Elizabeth II as a 2017 Queens Young Leader for his courage and passion of re-inventing Africa’s food system by bridging the food gap between plenty and scarce within communities.
He also trains young Ghanaian illegal migrant returnees with culinary skills to become chefs and workers within the hospitality industry.
A holds a Leading Change certificate from University of Cambridge and entrepreneurship certificate from YALI West Africa-Accra RLC.
He has spoken at both local and international conferences including FAO Rome Conference for Family Farmers 2018, EURAFRICA conference Portugal 2019,African Chefs United conference Nigeria 2018,etc.

Chef Elijah Amoo Addo

Founder of Food For All Africa

Meet The Directors

Mr. Eric Adjah Faith

Recovery & Distribution Director

Eric Adjah Faith is currently the Recovery and Redistribution Director at Food For All Africa. Called for Ministry, prepared to serve the less privileged in society.
Eric faith is known for his passion for the vulnerable in society and his service to Food For All Africa and to the beneficiaries and partners of the same has help the team to scale to the next level which is going great to help bring down the number of hungry children and venerable in today’s world

Mr. Elinam Amudzi

Operations Director/ Volunteers & Outreach Coordinator

As the Operations Director / Volunteers & Outreach Coordinator, I handle all outreaches and volunteer engagements. I liaise between other organizations for partnership programs / outreaches. I also track all operations of my organization.