• Food Recovery/ Redistribution

    Sourcing, collecting, sorting, storage and distribution of surplus edible food to vulnerable beneficiaries in society.

  • Virtual Food Banking

    Linking our member beneficiary organizations to the closest participating retail store for the daily collection of fresh produce, bakery goods, and other essential products.

  • Food for All Africa mobile/web app

    A continental mobile and web application that encourages efficiency by creating convenience for grocery shoppers to find their favorite products from supermarkets, stakeholders and also enable food sharing by connecting vulnerable communities to surplus food.

  • Food Development

    We support emerging farmers by purchasing their produce, and offer a range of nutritious and delicious easy to prepare meals for large-scale school feeding / community feeding programs.

  • Food Management

    We implement large-scale feeding programs in schools and communities on behalf of government / corporate donors wishing to make a difference.

  • Sustainable Farms Fund

    Every year, we get support through the Sustainable Farms fund to build and manage livestock and crop farms for our beneficiary communities.