Our Feeding Programs

At Food for All Africa, one of our goals is to ensure that as much we can, no Ghanaian goes to bed hungry. That’s why we remain committed to supplying food regularly to our beneficiaries. Our Feeding programs are broken down into two key components:

  • Weekly Mobile Food Bank Kitchen
  • Monthly Feeding Program

Weekly Mobile Food Bank Kitchen

Our mobile kitchen hits the road twice every week, delivering wholesome, cooked meals to the homeless and underserved communities in Ghana. This dynamic approach ensures that we reach different areas, providing accessibility and immediate relief.

Monthly Feeding Program

Beyond our weekly mobile food bank kitchen, our monthly feeding program offers sustained support to poor communities in Ghana. This well-structured initiative ensures eligible individuals and families in the communities we visit receive food and essential supplies on a regular basis. Thorough research and assessment of each case to verify their eligibility and need for assistance are done before we provide the support.

Our Monthly Feeding Package Comprises

Rice, Maize, Pasta, Beans, Tea, Cooking Oil, Salt, Corned Beef, Mackerel, Confectionery, Fruits and Vegetables, Gari, Fonio, Soya Bean and Milk