Every Partnership with Food for All Africa Directly Impacts the Lives of Beneficiaries

Why Partner With
Food for All Africa ?

At Food for All Africa, we recognize the strength in collaboration and the enormous benefits partners like you bring to the table. Get involved today and help us realise our vision of combating food waste, hunger and poverty in Ghana. Read more below.

We are a credible organization with a good reputation within and outside Ghana.

Partnering with Food for All Africa ensures risk mitigation in every endeavor. You can be rest assured that whatever you give us a partner will get to those who need it – the beneficiaries.

Our model promotes 11 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We have a nationwide network of community leaders and trustworthy organizations.

Every meal served, every life touched – we measure our progress, ensuring guaranteeing transparency and accountability in our mission to create a hunger-free Ghana.

All our beneficiary organizations are fully vetted before on-boarding and seventy-five [75%] of them focus on education, vulnerable children, women, and the youth.

Partnering with us does not only make a direct impact on communities but it also comes with additional advantages. Beyond the fulfillment of making a difference, there are tax and resource benefits for our valued donors.

How to Partner
With Us

Find out in the table below, how you can join hands with Food for All Africa to stamp out food waste, reduce hunger and poverty in Ghana.

Contribute essential items to support our mission.

Provide financial support or donate tangible items such as vans, warehouse equipment, and offer pro-bono professional services.

Join us on outreaches and at the warehouse to make a hands-on impact.

Establish a regular contribution to sustain our school feeding initiatives.

Contribute digitally or consider including us in your will or legacy planning.

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